How To Ball In Style This Spring

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verso pic
My favourite buy from Verso – photo courtesy of Emmet Curtin Photography

So it’s that time of year again in college – ball season! When you buy your ticket, you’ll swear your outfit will be on point and your assignments will be done, but in reality it’ll be a last-minute buy or rent for the ball in question. To help out with this search for an outfit worthy of an Instagram post, here are some ideas we’ve put together on how to look good, and to be unique while doing so! All pieces below are available from Verso, located in Douglas Court SC. The award-winning store is a fusion of a local boutique offering clothes from the casual to dressy, and a gown rental service.



Remember that a dress code is what you make of it – it’s your style and no one else’s. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd and express yourself with an outfit a little different than the rest.There are some great ideas for setting you own style for the next college or society ball. And that assignment you have to finish? … Well, I’ll just leave that to you!



Let’s start with this beautiful rental from Verso, which would be perfect for the more verso4formal balls such as Strauss or a black-tie ball. The best feature about this particular gúna is the lack of jewellery which would be needed with it too – all that beading in the top is more than enough! Also a very flattering fit on you taller ladies who don’t want to wear a dress with one design flowing throughout

verso pic six


The ‘Lily Black’ is a perfect piece for the less formal events, or the afters of a Ball. While the dress itself is a simple LBD, it’s jazzed-up studded arms give it that added WOW! While it is a body con style dress, the detail on the upper part of the dress can be very forgiving. Well worth a look!

verso pic four


Another LBD here a beautiful sequin and bead effect – again, perfect for the less-formal Balls or the afters. For those of you with a keen eye, you’ll spot straight off the mark that this is a trademark Virgos Lounge piece – known as the Veronika. Minimal accessories with this would be best, and its a great fit for those of us who are conscious of our shape in certain dress styles.

verso pic five


Yes – you can wear a jumpsuit to a ball! After all, its YOUR style! The Darcy has a cullote finish to the pants, and is a great alternative to a ballgown. It’s an amazingly comfortable piece to wear all night long, and is perfect for all types of college balls, including the more formal ones. Best paired with some statement jewellery and stilettos that’ll give you a bit of toe cleavage.

verso pic three


*Please note, this is an edited repost of a piece I wrote for the UCC Express as Fashion Editor in December 2015 – see the original here.