About The Author

I’m Jess, and I’m a 20-something student from Cork, Ireland.  I recently finished my Masters degree in Government from UCC, which means I’m now back to focusing on my blog a little more!


My blog began as my tool to tell the world – and others like me – what it is like to grow up in Ireland with Oculocutaneous Albinism. I’ve detailed my education, parts of my life, some uncomfortable incidents I’ve experienced, and my time in university through the blog.  What I’m trying to achieve by keeping a blog is to reach out to others like me, and others who are just interested in occulocutaneous albinism and related information.  I want to let people know what university and life in general is like for someone looking out at the world with imperfect eyes. 

However, the blog is evolving into something more than just my personal diary. It has now branched out into a blog detailing health tips and tricks, inspired by my background in health promotion.

Be prepared to read everything health related, from ‘bite size” seasonal pieces about the correct application of suncream and how to soothe hay-fever symptoms, to ‘special health’ pieces on many different illnesses, conditions and diseases that affect people day-to-day.

Happy reading!


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