The Rest Is Still Unwritten…

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Yes, I realise I have probably titled this piece with the most over-used song lyric at this time of year, but it’s the lesson I’ll be taking into 2016 with me so it seems apt!  It has been such a long long time since my last blog post – because life can really get in the way sometimes.  And it really got in the way for me recently.


The thesis.  Those dreaded words that every postgrad treats as a bittersweet symphony of work and research.  As some of you may know, my research was focused on special education legislation in Ireland.  And from May until November I spent each and every day pouring over books, interviews and fact sheets on my thesis subject.

Pre-submission thesis selfie
Pre-submission thesis selfie

Unfortunately for me, my health got in the way of the writing too – namely a broken wrist bone in July, followed by a complex appendectomy just a short few weeks ago.  Yikes!

The view from my hospital bed during recovery - the chocolate had to wait until I was allowed return home
The view from my hospital bed during recovery – the chocolate had to wait until I was allowed return home

I will detail just exactly how tough 2015 was in another blog post… But this one is just to let people know I’m back on the up. And also, a chance to remind myself that 2016 is a new year.  With 365 new pages for me to decorate with stories, photos, smilies, quotes… There are going to be times when the pages will be blotted with ink, and other times when these pages will be tear-soaked.  The most important thing I learned in 2015 is that you can only ever live in the here and now; the past is behind you, the future in front.


You are the author, you are the story teller.  Your story must continue, so use a semicolon if you have to.



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